Today’s Headlines

  • Everybody Loves the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop (Times)
  • Anaheim Mayor Makes a Stand for Bus Service (OC Register)
  • Air Quality at Dangerous Levels Near Foothills (Times
  • Congestion Getting Worse in 2009 Across the Country, Stimulus Partially Responsible (Market Watch)
  • Thank God for Traffic Tickets (Slate)
  • Metro’s Turnstiles an "Aluminum Jungle Gym" (Militant Angeleno)
  • Curbed Reader Thinking of Buying along Future Subway to the Sea
  • Would Bike Lanes Function Better If Sidewalks Were Wider? (On Transport)
  • Unsettling Video: Red-Light Running Pol Rams Cyclist (Cyclelicious via

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • DJB

    There’s a prominent story on High Speed Rail on NPR’s website today:

  • Erik G.

    Not only are they an aluminum jungle gym, since Monday, The Men in Vests at LAUS have finally been replaced by real live L.A. Sheriffs.

    Of course the turnstiles at Union Station have been manned by someone ever since they were put in place, but just watch LA Metro claim that ticket purchases are up at the Union Station TVM’s because of the turnstiles (and not the human presence!).

    P.S. I love how easy it is to reach over the shortish emergency gates at Wilshire/Normandie and push the red bar. You do set off an alarm but if you time it right, you’ll be speeding away on a train long before anyone from LA Metro or LASD can show up.