Drinking and Driving; In Some States They Go Hand in Hand

Drinking and driving laws vary from state to state, but in
Wisconsin, it’s not until your fifth offense that you’re charged with a
felony for drunk driving. That’s an awful lot of leeway for a behavior
that so often leads to serious bodily harm.

But as Urban Milwaukee
points out, it’s not just the law on DUI that needs to change. The
supremacy of the driving culture plays a key role in encouraging

2786277723_b708ca030e.jpgPhoto by cobalt123 via Flickr.

let’s start with lowering when a drunk driving offense becomes a
felony, but understand the problem is that people make what at the time
seems like a rational choice to drive, prior to what clearly is an
irrational choice to drive drunk.

Point being that part of the drunk driving discussion that is
always left out, is our driving culture. The State of Wisconsin is in
the middle of spending $6 billion on freeway expansion in Southeast
Wisconsin, while at the same time mass transit service in Southeast
Wisconsin has seen budget cuts, service reductions, and any attempt to
improve access or service is fought and often blocked. Knowing full
well that customers will be living the High Life while attending
Summerfest, State Fair, and a game at Miller Park, we still surround
them with massive surface parking lots. The limiting of transportation
options and prioritizing others furthers the cultural belief that
driving is the only option, and that somehow other transportation
methods are a challenge to one’s freedom.

More from around the network: Cyclelicious has the news on a new Missouri law that permits cyclists to roll through some red lights after stopping. Let’s Go Ride a Bike confesses that sometimes, she takes the sidewalk. And KC Bike.Info
reports that the Kansas City Star has endorsed bicycle infrastructure
improvements as one of the most effective uses of stimulus funds.


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