City, Bike Coalition, Moving on Sharrows

6 5 09 cicle_1.jpgImage: C.I.C.L.E.

The Los Angeles County Bike Coalition reports that funding is finally in place for the Sharrows pilot program for L.A.’s streets, half a decade after the LACBC began their Sharrows Campaign.  A group of funders have pooled their dollars to fund the Sharrows on a couple of Los Angeles’ roads, but just because funding is in place doesn’t mean the paint will start flowing; first the roads for the new paint need to be selected.

It’s been over five years since the Bike Coalition began their Sharrows campaign and I know a lot of cyclists, Coalition staff included, have expressed some level of jealousy over the four-month time line used to bring the green-painted, Sharrowed, lanes to Long Beach.  However, some good may have come from the delay, the Southern California Association of Governments have taken an interest in the project and if it proves succesful could lead to much shorter timelines for Sharrows projects around the county.

The Bike Coalition and LADOT have worked out a list of ten roads that they will choose among to place the first Sharrows.  If you see a road that you think is particularly deserving, leave a note in the comments section I’ll pass it on to the proper folks at LADOT and the Coalition:

4th Street from Wilton Pl. to Commonwealth Ave. in mid-Wilshire,

9th Street from Gaffey St. to Pacific Ave. in San Pedro,

9th Street from Pacific Ave. to Beacon St. in San Pedro,

Adams Blvd. from Western Ave. to Hoover St. in South L.A.,

Fountain Ave. from Western Ave. to Vermont Ave. in East Hollywood,

Polk Street from San Fernando Rd. to Sunrise Ridge Rd. in Sylmar,

Lankershim Blvd. from Moorpark St. to Oxnard St. in North Hollywood,

Verdugo Road from Eagle Rock Blvd. to City Limit in Northeast L.A.,

Westholme Ave. from Santa Monica Blvd. to Hilgard Ave. in Westwood, and

Workman Ave. from Alhambra Ave. to Ave. 28 in Lincoln Heights.

Those helping to fund this project, include the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, the Bohnett Foundation, SCAG, and LADOT.

  • About freaking time, wooo!!

  • ingrid peterson

    LACBC – Good job!

    4SBB, Live the Dream.

  • Ed M.

    Fountain Ave. is ideal for sharrows.

  • I vote for Fountain. A lot of cyclists use this street.

  • The Southern California Association of Governments has just begun work on developing a Regional and Bicycle Pedestrian plan – for more info check out

  • I like Fountain. Extend it through West Hollywood too. People who aren’t visiting or stopping in West Hollywood, but are just driving through, treat Fountain like tha Autoban.

  • Warren

    Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice would be a good place for sharrows. Lots of cyclists, lots of cars, lots of parallel parking activity.

  • For anyone not familiar with sharrows, I suggest checking out this video by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition: (which I found in this article on Worldchanging: )

    I am glad to hear about some progress on this oft-delayed project. Looks like the LADOT now targets the sharrows for some time in 2010 (that date is per the LACBC article linked.) Previously DOT had targeted late 2008, then announced March 2009… then the project was postponed indefinitely.

    In my opinion, it’s shameful that something so easy and so cheap has been delayed for so long… and is still many months away. If the mayor or the council president or the LADOT would make these a priority, they could be striped in a couple weeks.

  • angle

    I’ve actually seen the LADOT “Master Priority” list. I think the sharrow pilot program came right after hovercraft peak-hour lanes and the dirigible docking station.

  • @angle – LOL… surprises me that dirigibles, hovercrafts and bikes are on that list at all, due to all resources devoted to cars, cars and more cars.

  • John

    This is tremendous, but I’d like to see some bigger streets added to that list like Vermont and Wilton.

    The message should be that you should be mindful of cyclists on all roads, not just the favorite streets that already enjoy a measure of safety due to having fewer cars and more awareness of bikes.


    I hope the Fountain one could somehow extend to the sunset, because between the vermont and sunset is scary, but I have to use it in order to get to sunset bike lane. It is just 2 block or so.


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