Today’s Headlines

  • Pentagon to Back Transpo Reform? Military Says Climate Change Threatens National Security (NYT)
  • Where’s the Transit Mix in Cash for Clunkers? (Daily Kos)
  • Council Adopts Permanent Ban on New Billboards (Daily News)
  • 3 Adults, 4 Children Killed in Car Chase (LA Now)
  • A Brief History of American Street Design (Planetizen)
  • Westside Dreamin’ of a Real Train System (Ride the Pinkline)
  • Bus Cuts Bad for Everyone Says UC Irvine Students (New University)
  • Market-Oriented Parking Policy Can Make Cities More Livable (Austin Contrarian via
  • FixHighways

    My God, 4 children were killed in that accident. (Left knee, jumps and jerks in pain)

    Let’s stop driving right now! Lets grade separate all the roads and highways. (Wait a minute we do that) Let’s enforce safety features in all cars! (Damn, that happens now too)I’ve got it, lets build all cars to be built to withstand crashes of up to 100mph!

    This in addition to the Citizen’s Campaign to Grade Separate roads around every school!