Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Presses Senate to Re-up Cash for Clunkers (News, NYT)
  • Oil Based Economy Is Never Going to Recover (Infrastructurist)
  • I-215 Widening Going to Cost Less Than Expected (Press-Enterprise)
  • Rates Going Up at County-Owned Lots (Downtown News)
  • "Allegedly" Drunk Westminster City Councilman Hit Car, Light Pole with Car (Times)
  • Plan to Relocate and Restore Ventura Bike Path Approved (VC Star)
  • Criminal Minds Star Sherman Moore Knocked Off His Bike in LA (Post Chronicle)
  • Poof!  A Street Becomes a Park in SF (SF Streetsblog)
  • Metro’s "Cargo Cult" and the Fare Gates (Crazy Commuter)

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  • David Galvan

    From the NYT article:

    The average mpg rating of clunkers traded in under the CARS program last week: 15.8 mpg.
    The average mpg rating of new vehicles purchased under the program: 25.4 mpg.

    That’s an average savings of 0.024 gallons per mile for the 250,000 people who bought new cars.

    That’s the same gas savings that would result from 250,000 people all upgrading from a 23 mpg car to a 50 mpg toyota prius. I’d call that a success in improving average fuel economy.

    Also, the senators (led by Feinstein) who were worried that the program was not strict enough with its efficiency requirements are now convinced the program is working anyway because, based on the data from last week, the people buying the cars are apparently making the right decisions to get the more fuel efficient cars.