We Now Return to Our Regular Programming, Already in Progress

7_23_09_nyc.jpgThis is what NYC looked like when I was there. In July! Dudes, rain is soooo January.

LA Streetsblog will resume it’s normal publishing schedule today and that means tweeting today’s Metro Board Meeting at http://twitter.com/lastreetsblog.  For all those that suggested that I get a way to view the twitter feed on this site, it’s coming.  I waited until I got to New York to ask for it so it’s behind a couple other projects on the TOPP to do list, but it is coming and we did hear your suggestions.

Starting next week, our twitter feed will start tweeting any content unique to LA Streetsblog and some other good stuff from around the Internet.

  • Paul

    Said like a true west coaster. NYC actually gets a lot of rain fall in the summer months. Its other parts of the country like the west coast that has their precipitation amounts skewed to the winter months.

  • Space Kimchi

    I would love to see blog updates sent over twitter! I use twitter as my RSS reader, and I’d love to see new blog posts show up on the twitter feed i.e. the headline and a link to the article.

  • Oh, the rain comment was just a poke at my friends in the Apple. Longtime readers hopefully got a laugh out of this since I came to L.A. from there.

  • “Little Tokyo Chamber of Commerce also opposed to connector. Worried about number of trains in the heart of Little Tokyo.”


    Gee, NIMBYs are everywhere.

    I guess the Little Tokyo Chamber of Commerce doesn’t realize that Regional Connector will enable more people to actually get to their businesses in Little Tokyo. They might have more pedestrian traffic at their shops and restaurants. (I guess they wouldn’t want that.)

    So the whole of Southern California is supposed to suffer for a few Little Tokyo NIMBYs?


    Did the objections of those who spoke have anything to do with the two different alignments proposed?

    Would having the underground alignment alleviate most of their concerns?

    Too bad Gold Line eastside extension advocates didn’t speak in favor the Regional Connector because it will make it easier for them to get into the heart of Downtown.

    Too bad that Long Beach, Pasadena, Expo Line and Foothill Gold Line supporters didn’t speak in favor of the Regional Connector because it’s not just downtown which will benefit. The WHOLE region will benefit.

  • In full disclosure, I just did a piece on the Regional Connector on my own blog which I will shamelessly link to ridethepinkline.blogspot.com

  • Dan,

    Yes and yes. They don’t like the way it’s currently designed and being pushed.

  • Thank you, Damien.

    For clarity, the Little Tokyo Chamber of Commerce are not objecting to more transit riders (and pedestrians) in their neighborhood, but but the at-grade rail alternative?

    I appreciate your tweets. Thanks!

  • Yes. No problem with rail. No problem with pedestrians and commuters. Don’t like the current alignment.

  • Space Kimchi

    Following the drama on twitter, it’s fascinating, and since I’m new to the whole “scene” here, I’m quickly learning why everything takes so long when local government is involved. :)

  • Kim implicitly enquired, “Following the drama on twitter, it’s fascinating, and since I’m new to the whole “scene” here, I’m quickly learning why everything takes so long when local government is involved.”

    That is because there are two bidding processes: one to fulfill the legal obligations to appear legal, and the REAL bidding process, whereby city council members dance on the figurative pole in the closed-door VIP room and wait to see who stuffs the most money in their g-string.

  • Spokker

    Why don’t you become a politician and change the whole dynamic?

  • Since I’m Twit-tard, can someone tell me what exactly is the Chamber’s objection of the alignment? Do they prefer a different street? Underground?


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