Where’s Today’s Headlines?

Dear Streetsbloggers,

I am away on vacation for a couple of days.  My schedule is a little weird, but for the next two days I have some pre-written stories and interviews.  On Monday, I’ll be around for a half day working out of New York before getting the full Open Planning Project experience on Tuesday.  I hear it’s all-you-can-drink Fuze at HQ.

On Wednesday, it will be another half day as I recover from my red-eye flight.  But next Thursday, one week from today, it’ll be back to normal just in time for our Metro Board Day coverage, including live tweeting and full coverage later in the day.

For those of you needing your headlines fix, you can stay up-to-date with local headlines at The Metro Library, state news at SF Streetsblog and national news at DC Streetsblog.