Drunk Hit-and-Run Murderer in Santa Clarita Not First Time Offender

Are you ready for your blood to really boil?

A local Santa Clarita news blog is reporting that Marco Valencia, the hit-and-run drunk driver who crossed two lanes of traffic to plow into a group of cyclists over the weekend is not a first time drunk driver.  From a KHTS article posted in 2008.

In what is becoming a regular weekend morning
experience, Canyon County residents woke up Sunday morning without
power because of a traffic accident.

Canyon Country resident Marco Valencia, 20, was
arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he struck and knocked down
a power pole at Ranier Street and Whites Canyon Road.

The power went out at 6:38 a.m. and was restored by 8:20 a.m.

Just another in the long line of examples about how our justice system’s leniency towards drunk and unsafe drivers is literally killing us out there.

  • It’s even worse. He was driving on a suspended license and had two prior DUIs.

    The local newspaper found an eyewitness to the crash. Read his description of the driver and the accident, it will really anger you.


    I’m trying to help organize a Silent memorial ride. If anyone in Los Angeles is interested, watch for details on my blog, http://www.scvtalk.com.

  • Actually this was a better article.


  • DJB

    Technically, Valencia is entitled to a presumption of innocence unless proven guilty in a court of law. I thought your tone was more appropriate in the previous post on the subject.

    As we condemn reckless driving in general, we should keep this in mind. Although Valencia could very well be guilty, that is for a jury to decide in the context of a trial.

    Also, it seems like partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving in this line of advocacy could be fruitful.

  • Spokker

    At least when you’re drunk in the subway you only get the shit beaten out of you by an overzealous security guard. Much safer in my opinion.

  • Brian

    Jeff — I appreciate the links. There is SO much wrong in that second article, I just don’t know where to begin.

    I feel less hopeful and less human.

    PS. The back button and spam filter on this site do not get along. Fail.

  • I put it into the Bikewise database.

  • Thank you for keeping us informed. I copied all the links you posted to our Yahoo Group to spread the word.


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