Friday Night a Bloody One. Two Cyclists Shot in the Back on Different Rides (Updated)

(editor’s note: Some of the details of the Highland Park shooting have been left intentionally blank at the request of the ride organizers for their safety.  Keep that in mind in the comments section, please.  Update:  A couple of people have asked me for the address of the attack so that they could avoid that area on bicycle.  I can’t give the address of the alleged shooter, but can say the shot was fired at the intersection of Avenue 52 and Longfellow Street in Highland Park which is very, very close to the house in question.)

Last Friday night, a group of riders were pedaling through Highland Park when a group of alleged gangsters at a house party decided it would be a good time to mess with the riders by swinging baseball bats and shovels at them, trying to knock them off their bikes.  Usually when these attacks happen, riders take advantage of their two wheels and get away as quickly as possible; but when a young lady was knocked down, several riders went back to assist. 

The clubs versus U-Locks stalemate was broken when one of the alleged gangsters opened fire with a handgun, striking one of the cyclists in the back.  At that point, the attackers went back into their house and the police were summoned. 

Frantic posts on twitter on other bike message boards report that arrests were made, including the alleged shooter, and the victim was taken away by ambulance.  The bullet was partially slowed by the cyclists’ backpack and is currently lodged a quarter inch away from his spine.  Doctors are hoping that muscles work the bullet out naturally and don’t feel that he is in any immediate danger.  Following the ethics of these sort of rides, his friends have already returned his bicycle.

Across town, another cyclist was shot in the back while riding in Pacoima at almost the exact same time.  The LAPD reports he underwent surgery at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center just before 4 a.m. and was expected to survive.  There is no reason to suspect that the two incidents are related.


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