Drunk Driver Crashes Into Three Cyclists, Killing One. Arrested on ‘Suspicion of Murder’

Especially after the events of last Friday, it’s always a sobering moment when you read about cyclists being killed by drunk or otherwise reckless drivers.  However, in this instance there is a silver lining to the tragedy; for once the driver is being charged with murder and not a lesser assault charge as we see all to often.

From the Santa Clarita Signal:

“It appears the drunk driver ran into a group
of bicyclists that were riding in the canyon,” said Sgt. Brian Allen of
the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. “Two of them were injured
and taken to the hospital, and one additional bicyclist was killed.”

The dead cyclist was identified as Joseph Novotny, 43, of Stevenson Ranch….

Valencia’s pickup truck allegedly crossed the
double yellow lines, traveling into the southbound traffic lane toward
a group of cyclists, including Novotny. Valencia’s truck allegedly
struck three of the riders and continued northbound, leaving the scene
of the collision, according to a CHP news release. Valencia also
allegedly sideswiped a Hyundai; the driver was uninjured….

Valencia, who was suspected of driving under
the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, was arrested and taken to the
Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to be booked for investigation
of several felony charges, including murder, driving while under the
influence and/or drugs causing death and hit-and-run causing death, the
CHP report said.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Novotny family.  If you know anyone who has a problem with drinking and driving, alcoholism treatment can help.


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