Metro Opening It’s Own Blog, Looking for Blogger

Apparently the folks at Metro think I have it too easy with the Bottleneck Blog resting in peace and have decided to open their own blog.  Steve Davis at Transportation for America forwarded me the following job posting this morning from the jobs site Media Bistro.  Just for the record, no, I’m not applying.

Customer Communications department at the Los Angeles County
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is seeking the services
of a web savvy, experienced transportation reporter on a project basis
to develop and maintain a Metro blog on our website, metro,net. The
selected candidate will report, research, write, edit and post an
ongoing blog about transportation issues.
Scope of Work:
ideal candidate will be an experienced web reporter and/or blogger, and
will have expertise and in-depth knowledge of transportation issues,
particularly as related to Los Angeles County and Measure R. The
selected candidate will produce news-driven, informative and engaging
daily blog entries, stories and commentaries in an engaging,
conversational tone. The intended audience includes Metros customers
and potential customers, LA county taxpayers and stakeholders, and the
online community. Content from the blog may be further developed and
extended to other sections of the website.
Submittal Requirements:
Please provide the following information:
1. Statement of interest and qualifications
2. Web samples and work references
3. Proposed compensation structure
The top candidates will be invited for an interview with the hiring authority.
Evaluation Criteria:
Professional Experience and Qualifications (30%)
Writing/ Editing Samples (30%)
Interview (40%)
will pay against submitted invoices in accordance with purchase order
language. Invoices are to be submitted every two weeks.
Proposal Deadline:
Please submit proposal as outlined above by close of business on Monday, July 20, 2009 online or mail to:
Transportation Blog RFP
One Gateway Plaza
Mail Stop: 99-19-2
Los Angeles, CA 90012
About Our Company The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is unique among the nation’s transportation agencies. More than 9 million people – one-third of California’s residents – live, work, and play within its 1,433-square mile
service area. Metro designs, builds and operates more than 2,000 buses and 75 miles of Metro Rail service, including the Metro Red Line, Metro Blue Line, Metro Purple Line,
Metro Green Line and Metro Gold Line. In total, the Metro Rail system serves more than 62 rail stations stretching from Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood, Universal City and North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley, from downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena and from Norwalk to El Segundo and all points in between.


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