Welcome to the Blogroll: Booking it Bus Style


All too often, transit blogs tend to focus on the negative of riding the bus or taking the train.  Experienced riders come off as jaded and veteran activists are just ornery because of the splitting headache earned from years of banging your head into the concrete divider known as the Metro Board of Directors.  I admit to being as guilty of this trap as anyone.  But if you’re looking to read something completely different than the griping and moaning, try reading Booking It Bus Style.

Booking It Bus Style isn’t a policy blog.  You won’t see Rosemary complaining about the Mayor; and complaints about other riders are infrequent compared to more easy-to-read posts about life on the bus and what book is taking up her commute.  You see, Rosemary went from veteran driver, to car-free as quick as one can take keys off a key chain and has devoted her commute to reading and busing.  As a former NYC rail commuter who has abandoned transit for his bike, I had actually forgotten the simple joy of sitting down for a good read after a long day at work.

So if you’re looking for some light reading about the joys one discovers when riding the bus when the policy blogs are wearing you down, click on over to Booking it Bus Style and see what new adventure, or new book, Rosemary wants to tell us about.


Taking Time to Tell a Bus Story

Photo: Snob on a Bus This weekend the Times profiled one of Los Angeles’ many bus riders, focusing on a young woman who chooses the bus over the car to commute from the Westside to Beverly Hills.  The rider, Jacquelyn Carr, authors her own blog about her riding experiences at Snob on a Bus, and […]

Welcome to the Blogroll: Bus Riders Union

Last month, the Bus Riders Union quietly opened its own blog to further push its advocacy efforts online.  While there’s nothing that is technilogically amazing about the blog, if anyone remembers what the BRU’s website looked like two years ago when I first arrived or last year during the "No on the Six" campaign, it’s […]

Brentwood Community Leaders Wants Out of Bus-Only Lanes

It’s official, many Westside neighborhood leaders really don’t want bus-only lanes. After reading a letter from the Brentwood Community Council, which can be read after the jump, exhorting residents to protest the inclusion of Wilshire Bus-Only lanes in the area “West of the 405,” I made the above map.  It contains all of the areas […]

TransitMix: A New App for Your Fantasy Map

I’m a little intimidated by sharing my first fantasy transit map with an audience that I know to include some ardent and accomplished fantasy transit mappers. But here goes: my first attempt. It’s a little circuitous, but it connects neighborhoods that don’t have great connections right now. I didn’t bring it all the way into […]