Streetfilms Illustrates the Need for More Bus-Only Lanes

Yes, this film is more "New York Centric" than I would usually cross post here, but I thought the simple illustration of the value of bus-only lanes was a good one and one we could use again. 

The film tracks the growth of New York City, and the number of people taking the bus into the Big Apple from New Jersey over the decades but notes that the bus access to the Lincoln Tunnel and other crossings has remained static.  As more and more people commute into the city from New Jersey; the Port Authority who controls the bridges and tunnels, New Jersey who controls the roads leading into crossings and New York are going to have to figure out more ways to get more people into the city.  Sometimes the most obvious answers are the best ones.  Just increase bus capacity and this particular congestion problem is solved.

Full disclosure: in addition to the obvious ties between LA Streetsblog and Streetfilms, this film’s narrator was my boss when I worked at the Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

  • Erik G.

    It has always stunned me how much of a barrier the Hudson River is to commuters, not just as a river but as a bureaucratic boundary that seemingly only the PANYNJ can cross.

    I notice many projects that should offer better connections between New Jersey and New York City:

    Hudson Bergen Light Rail which has no bus connection to Staten Island.

    NYCMTA 7 train which is being extended west to Javitz Center with no thought to extending on to New Jersey. If you’ve got the tunneling equipment in the hole, why not push on under the Hudson?

    Why can’t NJTransit trains continue out through to the LIRR lines? (And vice-versa)

    Why isn’t the PATH line to World Trade Center being hooked up to some NYC Subway line so that throught trains could operate?

    New York/New Jersey have a lot of work to do on its apparent inability to work together as does NYC Transit on being able to make the last mile to connect, even if it means leaving the city limits.

  • Great Job on the video. Very simple cute animation and displays all the benefits in a digestible manner. I’ll be forwarding it out to many folks I know–it’s a great education tool on transit. Thank you.


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