Today’s Headlines

  • AnsaldoBreda Looking to Buy Land for New Plant…In New York (Daily Gazette)
  • "Broke" California Subsidizing Car Buying (Pasadena Star News)
  • Pickup Truck Driver Arrested for Deadly Hit and Run on PCH (Ventura County Star)
  • Third Term Councilmen Better Deliver (Daily News)
  • Report: States Spending One-Third of Their Transpo Stim Cash on Road Expansion (MTR)
  • GOP: Climate Bill Going Nowhere in the Senate (NYT)
  • Global Warming Legislation Has America on Brink of Energy Revolution (Daily News)
  • Park(ing) Day Is On Its Way! (Soap Box)
  • Erik G.

    Damien, the “land…outside San Francisco” you link to is in Glenville, NY and is, AFAIK, an existing plant most-recentloy used by a firm called Super Steel.

    Super Steel was involved in renovating mainline railroad equipment, but the article refers to the possibility of doing “light rail work” there.

    Huh, I thought that was what Fabio and friends were promising Los Angeles?