Walk 4 the Walk

The walk will begin at Pico Boulevard and Central Avenue in
the industrial/warehouse core of southeast Downtown Los Angeles and run
to that bourgeois jewel, the City of Santa Monica, at Ocean Avenue and
Pico Boulevard.  The walk is 15.4 miles, and with a few stops for food,
plan on about 8 hours.  Let’s meet at 10 am on the corner of Pico &
Central this Saturday, June 27.

I want to get greek food at Papa Christo’s at Pico/Normandie, tacos at
Tacomiendo at Pico/Gateway, and possibly a burger at the Apple Pan,
cause I’ve never been there.  There are a bunch more places to eat, so
no worries about going hungry.  Please give me suggestions.

The last walk, I collected GPS travel time data, but I didn’t do
anything with it.  Any UCLA planning folks want to do some data

Pico Boulevard, as you probably know, is named after Pio Pico, the last
Mexican Governor of Alta California.  As with all of these walks, we
will come across some cool/funny shit.


Just How Great Will Those Great Streets Initiative Sites Become?

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City/Locals Clash on Pico-Olympic Plan

Could there be a better illustration of the divide between the DOT and the community? As I sat and watched angry/scared locals from along the Pico-Olympic corridors testify against the Mayor’s Pico-Olympic plan, I suddenly felt bad for LADOT Transportation Engineer Ken Husting. Basically, it shouldn’t have been this way. The residents and business owners […]

Westsiders Get Riled at Pico/Olympic Meeting

Everyone Opposed, Raise Your Hand…You in the Back, We’re Ony Counting That Once! It seems that every time I go to a meeting focused on the Pico/Olympic Boulevard controversy the meeting gets a) more crowded and b) more confrontational. Last night, literally hundreds of residents and business owners packed a forum held by the Westside […]