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  • Erik

    The car that appears to have caused the D.C. accident was built by Rohr in the mid-1970’s.

    And it was rebuilt by BREDA in the mid-1990’s

  • Erik,

    You’re becoming a troll. How does that neglect the fact that the operator didn’t read the signals and crashed into the other car.

  • Erik G.

    Fix Highways,

    What if the Breda-rehabbed car had some kind of control failure? What if it couldn’t read the ATO system properly? What if the Emergency Brake button (“The Mushroom”) did not work?

    What if when Breda converted these cars from DC to AC, they neglected to rewire the cars properly which affected safety systems?

    But blame the dead lady if you wish. She can’t speak for herself now.

  • Erik G.


    On WMATA’s Metrorail there are no signals to read, except at crossovers/points/switches.

    Plus, it looks like she did press the Emergency Button, but the train did not stop.

    “5:47 p.m.: The train was in automatic mode at the time of the crash, which is typical for rush-hour Metro trains. Three different controls in the operator cabin verified that. The “mushroom” — the emergency brake — had been pushed.”

  • Now how does that effect these trains on a curve? The point is there are number of factors at play that the NTSB need to figure out. It maybe the very computer control system that is used on the entire DC Metro network that has caused similiar accidents like this over the last few years.

    I didn’t not blame the dead or blame anyone other than state that singling out Breda before a piece of information has been reported reeks of being a troll given your previous posts on Metro/Breda train car proposal.


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