Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Celebrates "Surviving" Council Bike Meeting (City Watch)
  • LAUSD Has $1.1 Bill Deficit,  But Still Pushing Eco-Village Parking Lot (Daily News)
  • Metro Enforces Safety Rules on Gold Lines, Don’t Ride Your Bike on the Tracks (EGP News)
  • New Haven Citizens Use Cameras and SeeClickFix to Bust Speeders (NH Independent)
  • Car Culture on the Wane: Struggling NASCAR Loses GM Support (Wheels
  • Then Again: City Drivers Eager to Cash In on "Clunkers" Subsidy (NY News)
  • Debunking the Cars = Commerce Myth: Business Booming in Car-Free Times Square (NY1)
  • But Can L.A. Break Its Car Addiction? (City Watch)
  • GM Ceasing Production of Pontiac Vibe, Only GM Car Made in CA (Times)