“Today’s Headlines”

(Editor’s note: Have to get up early to get Downtown for the City Council Transportation Committee meeting.  If you find these headlines unsatisfactory, you can always get more news at the Metro Library and SF Streetsblog.)

  • Legislators Still Driving Around in Taxpayer Funded Luxury Cars (Times)
  • Don’t Forget! This Is Free Parking Week at Dodger Stadium (Daily News)
  • City Wants to Standardize Speed Limit on Beverly Glen (LAist)
  • Gold Line Extension Gets Sparkling New Website (Curbed)
  • Pimp My Eco-Ride and Win a Strida Bike (Inhabitat
  • Gas Prices Have Gone Up 49 Days in a Row (AP)
  • Americans Sticking With Transit Despite Wave of Service Cuts and Fare Hikes (T4America)
  • Autos Cause 43% of Fatal Injuries to NYC Kids; Poor Families, People of Color Affected Most (News)
  • Bronx Beep: Don’t Cut Community Board Funding (News)
  • Boston Mayoral Challenger Campaigning on Transportation Reform Agenda (Yglesias)