blobliive green & social : The Open Mic Night for Entrepreneurs

Bloblives are a weekly series of ‘Open Mic Nights for Ideas & Entrepreneurs.’ Each month, we host a green/social entrepreneur-themed evening and our next one, in collaboration with, is this Monday, 5/18 in Santa Monica.

Here’s the scoop:
Are you working on a green or social entrepreneurial venture or do you have an idea to start one? Come share your entrepreneurial idea, provide support and get inspired by others. In a fun and relaxed environment, entrepreneurs of all stripes can hop up on stage to present an idea while everyone else in the room (and those watching the event streamed live online) offer feedback, advice and ideas for connections.

Those who attend bloblives range from aspiring social entrepreneurs to investors to established business owners who want to give back to others trying to find their way. Ideas range from those in the dream stage to the innovation stage to the well-established.

Once a month, we give presenting priority to ideas, businesses, non-profits or any other entrepreneurial venture focused on making a difference in the world. The room will still be open to others, so the feedback comes from a diverse group.

For a better chance to get on stage and share your idea, please pre-submit a brief description (250 words or so) to Erick B at ‘e at ebrownstein dot com’.

This week, Dr. Daniel Nathanson, a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business and founder of the Entrepreneurs Institute, will be on site at 6:30 for some free coaching on how to present your idea effectively. Rob Reed, from (the blog on green living and social media) will also be available to talk social media.


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