Will Barbara Boxer Stand Up for Sustainable Transportation?

aboxer500.jpgBehind the scenes, we’re hearing a lot of sustainable transportation advocates sounding alarms over California Senator Barbara Boxer these days. As chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works committee, Boxer is going to play a critical role in this year’s federal transportation funding effort. Environmentalists want to see transportation policies and funding formulas that encourage reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. But the highway lobby, AASHTO and the EPW committee’s ranking Republican and vocal climate change denier, Senator James Inhofe, don’t want anything get in the way of their pork-tastic federal highway projects. Environmentalists have come away from meetings and conversations with Boxer and her staff with the sinking sensation that she’s going to cave to Inhofe and friends when it comes time to write the transportation bill.

Over at Streetsblog San Francisco,
Matthew Roth has the first installment of what will surely be an ongoing story…

  • Brent

    For so many reasons a gasoline tax isn’t popular, but it really is the easiest way to accomplish most of these environmental and fiscal goals. If the European model hasn’t been enough to show it, then last summer’s gasoline demand destruction after the oil price shocks should be.

    But for some reason we can’t do the simple things, so we instead try the weirdest policies, like build more roads and then say we’d like people to drive less. Huh? If you build more roads, people will drive more. If you build subways/trains/bike paths/etc., then people will ride.

  • I’ve never been a fan of Boxer. I think she drips of hypocrisy, a super wealthy liberal who does very little for transit and the poor, although she is generally good on rights issues.

  • Federal Highway Projects – 20th century solutions for 21st century problems. How long will they cling to the past? More lanes just equals more traffic. It’s time to move forward.



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