The Search for the Zozo

The most recent offering from Streetfilms shows many of the people I knew and know from New York’s Livable Streets Movement traveling the city in search of legendary Zozo, a creature that somewhat resembles a cross between Barney and Puff the Magic Dragon.  The Zozo apparently hates cars and abandoned New York in the mid-20th Century and only now, after years of the NYCDOT reclaiming open space, has the purple, fuzzy, kind-hearted beast re-appeared.

The film is over ten minutes long, making it the Titanic of Streetfilms; but it’s also fun and lighthearted and features the faces to go with some of the names you’ve probably gotten familiar with if you read this blog regularly: Clarence Eckerson, Aaron Naperstek and Tom Vanderbilt to name a few.   Make some time this weekend to sit down and watch it.  If you have kids, they’ll probably enjoy it more than you.

And when you’re done watching, drop me a line in the comments section because there’s something I’m wondering.  Does this film prove that I left New York just in time, or too soon?  Is everyone I know suffering from some form of mass-hysteria, or has the success in reclaiming so much public space just making them giddy?

Because hey, I want to be giddy too.


Streetfilms: Meet Veronica Moss, A.U.T.O. Lobbyist

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Zozo wants you to Walk to School!

For those of you who do not yet know him – meet Zozo!  He’s Livable Streets’ big purple friend who loves anything that gets people out of cars and moving about the streets.  You might find him riding his ZoGo along the new PPW bike lane, sitting out in the pedestrian plaza in Union Square […]