Garcetti Announces Winner of Bike Rack Design Contest

4_20_09_bike_rack.jpgSometimes the simplest design is the best.

Back in February, we announced that Council President Eric Garcetti, the Bike Writer’s Collective and the CRA were sponsoring a bike rack design contest.  Earlier today, Garcetti’s office announced the winner, Forester Rudolph’s SpokesQuotes rack.

Ok, I’m going to admit it took me more than a minute to figure out the design before Garcetti’s staff sent me a draft of the design.  I think the coolest part of it is that each rack will have a famous quotation or culutural truism to reflect the diversity of East Hollywood.  In the picture above, the words "Rice is not cooked with only words" are engraved on the rack.

So, where will the racks actually go?  Assuming they get approved by various city agencies, approximately two dozen bicycle racks will be constructed and installed on Hollywood Boulevard between Western and Vermont as part of the comprehensive East Hollywood Streetscape Plan scheduled to begin later this year

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Ugghh!!! Another circular rack design (like NYC)?!?!

    I really dislike this design since I find it difficult to near impossible to use a U-Lock to secure the rear wheel and the frame while, facing the lock forward so my cable can then secure the front wheel with enough slack to secure the saddle. I’m looking at the diagram with the bike superimposed over the rack and I haven’t a clue how I’d lock my bike in a way that would make me feel comfortable.

    And Damien, if YOU couldn’t figure it out, well, what does that say of the design?

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Also, how sharp are those angles going to be on the square tubing? Even blunted to the touch they can be sharp enough to scratch the frame.

  • ummm, rice is not only cooked with only words?

  • Ian

    Oh, too bad — a bike rack that CANNOT be used to lock bikes to it! What a waste and a shame that they did not consult with actual bike groups on this one. The same need for actual bike racks in the area will still exist, because these are not usable. Such a sorry shame to go for some politically correct thing rather than a working bike rack. Pity. Bike racks, to work right, have to be a certain size and shape — the requirements have been studied and are all spelled out — and this is not it.

  • Anonymous

    this is a frequent thing, whether designing new racks or installing old-school-yard bmx bike racks thinking they’ll work for adult size bikes, it’s people that don’t use bicycles involved in putting up bike racks. It’s silly.
    But these might work for various sized bikes—you didn’t say specifically what was wrong with it. I could lock my U-lock to the top bar, and if I wanted, lock both my front and back tires with cable locks, perhaps U-locks as well. I’m not seeing how it “CANNOT be used”.

  • Anonymous

    ‘You can wish in one hand, and shit in the other and see which fills first.’ …or pray. Action gets it done, not just words. It’s a nice, simple thought.


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