Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. Judge Sides with Ports in Clean Truck Lawsuit (Times)
  • Meanwhile, Port Activity Picking Up (LA Business Journal)
  • Man Killed While Getting Mail by Hit and Run Texter (LAist)
  • L.A. Could Learn a Lot About Urban Planning from Tokyo (Times)
  • El Capitan Kicks Miley Impersonator Off Their "Private Property" aka the Sidewalk (Metblogs)
  • Bike Portland Animation Explains Idaho’s Rolling-Stop Law
  • DC-Area Planners Propose Regional BRT Network (GGW)
  • Three Big Blue Bus Employees Abusing Free Transit Passes (SM Daily Press)


The Ports Are Ours Port Ride, 3/3/11

It’s that time of the month again! That’s right, the semi monthly ride through the ports of LA and/or LB. This Thursday night we’ll be rolling through LB ports from 9pm to 3am. Why? Cause the ports are ours that night! Port traffic is shutdown for the night cause of a semi-monthly stop work meeting […]

Judge Supports Ports in “Clean Trucks” Case

U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder, who yesterday heard the complaint by the American Trucker’s Association against the new "Clean Trucks" program at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, appears to be leaning towards the ports according to a report in today’s Los Angeles Times. After a 40-minute hearing, U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder […]

Trucking Groups Takes Ports to Court Over “Clean Truck” Plan

What is more important, the health and safety of people living near ports or the cost to truckers and consumers of helping truck carriers meet modern environmental standards and fairness towards independent truckers?  That question could be answered later today when a federal court hears arguments from the American Trucking Association against the Ports of […]

A Bike Path Over Troubled Water

As unlikely as it may seem, the City of Long Beach has taken significant steps this week to making the above rendering a reality – or at least having it redone by a much more expensive design team. Last week, the Long Beach City Council succeeded in convincing the port to commit to building a […]

Today’s Headlines

Senate Republicans Block Spending Bill That Includes Transit Stimulus (Bloomberg) NYT: "Drill Baby Drill" Is a Big Step Backwards for Congress Times: Bike Licensing in City That Can’t Build Bike Infrastructure an "Outrage" Economy Might Be in Shambles, But There’s Still Money to Widen 405 (Daily News) Lowenthal’s Clean Port Bill Sitting on Gov.’s Desk […]