Fossil Fool’s Day 101 Overpass Rally

Greenpeace, community members, and Los Angeles area
activists will gather during rush hour for a peaceful rally over one of
LA’s busiest freeways to urge gridlocked motorists to demand global
warming solutions from Congress.

Cars generate
more carbon dioxide than any other source of pollution in California,
totaling 38% of CA’s statewide global warming emissions.

Join us as we rally and display a banner with our call to action:

which includes the Congressional switchboard number urging people to
contact their representatives. This is the year that we must see
positive change for the future of our planet, and we can’t do it
without your support, so please join us for this important event!

Vermont exit sidewalk overpass of Highway 101.

You can arrive by Redline -(it’s just north of the Vermont station), or bike or rideshare to the event.


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