Before You Vote Today…Check Out Biking in LA

What, you didn’t know there was an election today?  Well, not all of Los Angeles has the chance to vote, just those in the 26th District where a group of candidates are vying to replace Mark Ridley-Thomas who is now sits on the County Board of Supervisors.  While Assemblyman Curren Price is considered to be the front runner, before heading to the voting booth head over to BikinginLA where statements of three of the candidates are collected.  If you don’t have time to read the full statements by Price, Rabbi Nachum Shifren, and Saundra Davis, I have a summary of each below.

Saundra Davis – Mrs. Davis is very supportive of bike riders’ issues…Of course if there are specific issues you would like to address or if
there are suggestions that you wish to apprise Mrs. Davis of, it would
be helpful to hear from you. Mrs. Davis would love to know what those
concerns are and what ideas you have that would address the issues.

Assemblyman Curren PriceHowever, this is only half of the battle. Whether one cycles for
business, for pleasure or for the environment, cyclists and, more
correctly, support for cyclists plays a crucial role in creating a more
livable 26th Senate District. Improvements and expansion
of Class One Bikeways via increased public/private partnership funding
and incentives for those who build bike-friendly developments supported
by ancillary City street improvements are among the priorities I would
have in developing a cycling/environmental agenda. A
continuous Class One Bikeway along the Exposition Light Rail Line which extends through the 26th District is another.

Rabbi Nachum Shiren – Let me speak frankly: I am angry at the abuse and peril thrown at
cyclists, some of our best citizens. We need to make more cycling  accessible ,
not limit or obstruct it! The traffic has become unbearable. Not one of
the politicians supports augmenting bike lanes or developing new ones.
I will, to the best of my ability upon election, commit to this

I will never capitulate to the automobile!

Just a quick reminder that I am still putting together a survey for the remaining candidates for 5th District City Council and City Attorney.  Anyone that has a question they would like to see answered should leave a note in the comments section.


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