Palmdale Pol Wants to Take One of L.A.’s Metro Board Slots

Assemblyman Steve DeKnight (R-Palmdale) has introduced legislation that would strip one of Los Angeles’ seats on the Metro Board and instead have it rotate annually between the cities of Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita.  Currently, the Mayor of Los Angeles appoints three members to the Metro Board to represent the city in addition to himself.  DeKnight claims that this change is needed because:

Adding a member from northern Los Angeles County
to the MTA Board would improve our County’s ability to develop a
regional transit plan.

Hmmm, I guess DeKnight doesn’t think much of Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s ability to represent the needs of their shared constituents.

At first I didn’t report on this story because I thought the bill had no chance to advance, but tomorrow the Los Angeles City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution opposing DeKnight’s bill.  Curiously, the Council resolution is being voted on by the full Council even though it hasn’t gone to committee yet.

Here’s a thought.  If it’s so important for the city to have four representatives to the Board, then why doesn’t Mayor Villaraigosa get around to appointing a City Councilman to fill the seat vacated by Bernard Parks?  Parks resigned from the Metro Board almost two months ago, yet his seat remains vacant.


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