Streetfilms: Making a Better Market Street

About a month and a half ago San Francisco Streetsblog opened its doors and any Angeleno who is interested has been able to take a closer look at the Livable Streets Movement in San Francisco.  Thanks to Streetfilms, we can take a look at one of the signature issues for San Francisco: designing a new Market Street.  Clarence Eckerson Jr. reports:

Just about everyone who visits San Francisco’s grand Market Street
is awed by its hustle and bustle, the myriad modes of transportation,
and some of the beautiful architecture the city hosts. But just about
everyone also agrees that Market Street has a much bigger potential as
a people space that accommodates its users in more efficient and human

Streetfilms was able to talk to many advocates who would like to see
a different configuration on Market Street, people who have invested
time in making it better, and thoughts from those who use it almost
daily as a commuting option.

  • Man, those brick sidewalks look gigantic.

    This was really interesting because there are obviously a lot of different groups and people invested in this sort of discussion and change in San Francisco already.

    I would be interested in finding out what local businesses and business associations are doing (or not doing) to make the situation better for themselves.


Streetfilms: Making a Better Market Steet in San Francisco

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