Streetfilms Rides with East Hollywood Art Cycle

Last weekend, the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council held the first of what will hopefully be many Art Cycle rides, where cyclists were given a tour of several neighborhood art galleries.  The rides began and ended at a block party in the "bike district" of East Hollywood, known locally and in the bike community as Hel-Mel and ran most of the afternoon and into the evening.

This Streetfilm is already one of my favorites for two reasons.  First, as someone that has watched Streetfilms since their inception from my old job as a transportation reformer in New York, it’s still weird for me to see so many of my friends and fellow activists in a Streetfilm be they in a credited interview as Alfredo is or in just a brief cameo as D.J. Chicken Leather is.  And yes, Clarence did put the camera on me briefly, but I think that was just because I was complaining that more people on the ride recognized him than recognized me.

Secondly, it makes the statement that those of us who ride already know; but those that don’t may not know yet and that is that bike culture in Los Angeles is vibrant, diverse, and strong.  If you don’t believe me, just ask City Council President Eric Garcetti as he leads the chant of, "who’s streets?  OUR STREETS!"  Especially in the lead up to Saturday’s Bike Summit, it’s a great reminder that in many ways, Los Angeles is a bike town.

  • Damien Newton = FAMOUS!

    Loved it!

  • Well done, mang!

    Perspective time — you know, back in 2005 or so when I was starting to work with folks like Somerset Waters from the Bike Kitchen on organizing the immediate community there at Hel-Mel, he’d have me meet people from places like Portland who’d tell me about all these neato neighborhood block parties and street festivals there, and I’d often wish it’d be cool if we had something like that here in East Hollywood…Well after watching this, it finally hit me: “Damn…it’s already happening!”

  • Good luck with the summit on Saturday. Sorry I couldn’t turn this right around and get it up next day, but, well, you can ask Apple why they stopped putting firewire drives on some of their f***in computers!!

    Working on another L.A. video right now, but that might take more than the 5 hours it took me on this…

  • Rachel

    Nice! What a great ride and event!

  • pictures from the events here –

  • Will Campbell

    I’m sad that I missed this, but thanks for capturing a wonderful illustration of such an awesome event. If there was a drinking game where Ihad to down a shot every time I saw a person onscreen I knew/love/respect I’d be legally drunk before the end of it. Bravo!

  • LA Times certainly used to be a bicycle town. “There is no part of the world where cycling is in greater favor than in Southern California, and nowhere on the American continent are conditions so favorable the year round for wheeling.” That’s from an 1897 newspaper article, as reported in this piece in the LA Times:

    Here’s hoping LA will embrace Bicycle Culture 2.0.


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