Today’s Headlines

  •  Freakonomics: LA Transpo Culture Not As Bad As We Think
  • Stimulus Compromise Would Cut Spending in Recovery Bill (NYT)
  • Amtrak Funding Might Be on the Chopping Block (Trains for America)
  • Lesson From Japan: Obsession With Building New Roads Weakened Stimulus (NYT)
  • Todd Litman: Reducing Car Dependence = Smart Stimulus (Planetizen)
  • Flower Street Wall an Example of Pedestrian Blight (Bus Bench)
  • GM Says Plug-in Volt Will Debut in DC Next Year (WaPo via Yglesias)
  • Is "Green Car" an Oxymoron? (scaledown via
  • Metrolink Still Focusing on Engineer’s Cell Phone in Chatsworth Crash (Times)