New Website Bikex Wants You to Be a Bike Cop Too


After the city’s Bike Advisory Committee elected a new board chair and vice chair, Ed Bailey and Jay Slater, respectively, a bike advocate took the opportunity during public comment to announce a new web site designed to empower cyclists after incidents with automobiles.

The Bikex Database is an online resource to identify, document, and
prosecute drivers who harass, abuse, or endanger bicycle riders.  Basically, if a cyclist has an experience with a driver, they can email or text the information to the database and the incident will be plotted on a map and stored in the database.  If the same license plate is reported by three different people, the database will send an email alerting the three victims so that they can work together to pursue legal options. 

At the very least, the database can show us the problem areas in the city, places where cyclists are more at risk from unsafe drivers than other areas.

Thanks to Ubrayj02, Enci and Zane Selvans for the tip.

Photo: cactfyl/Flickr


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