Today’s Headlines

  • Nation’s Transit Agencies Forced to Cut Back as Ridership Booms (NYT)
  • $11B in Tax Breaks for Car Buyers Added to Senate Stim Bill (NYT)
  • Hizzoner Heads to D.C. to Lobby for Subway Funding… (Times)
  • …While Schwarzenegger Tours a Sacramento Bike Trail (SacBee)
  • Opinions on Metro Service Changes for San Fernando Valley (Metro Rider)
  • DASH to Eliminate Free Transfers (blogdowntown)
  • Transit, HSR Vie for Same Right of Way in Atlanta (Trains for America via
  • SF’s Bike-Share Pilot Too Meek to Succeed (Streetsblog SF)
  • Eleven billion more for cars? Make it stop! We should not ever again have to hear the words “competition” and “free market” describing the the autosprawl “transport” system.