Nadler Amendment: The Ayes Have It

The House just passed an amendment to add $3 billion for transit
investment to the stimulus bill. There’s a lot more work coming up very
soon — in the Senate and in conference committee — but this was a
hard-fought win and everyone who helped push it through should take a
minute to pat yourself on the back. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the debate in the House, head over to Greater Greater Washington.

  • Thank you everyone.

    Thank you everyone in Congress who voted for this!

  • Woot!

  • So sad that so much “money” (really just treasury notes to be loaned into existence, right?) is going to more car projects, but this is a nice silver lining that hopefully we’ll get our act together and get rail and bus services going in a bigger way.

  • Spokker

    ubrayj02, I agree about the car projects. I thought passenger rail proved itself in 2008 with record ridership. Guess it didn’t leave an impression on many people.


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