LACBC’s Car-Free Friday

Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) has launched a new campaign called
"CarFree Fridays" to encourage both new and experienced riders to
commit to using the bicycle as a means to commute to work and to make their
shorter trips by bike at least one Friday of the month. 

The campaign is
aimed to get more people on bikes and to highlight the global and personal
benefits of riding a bicycle.  To celebrate the first "CarFree
Friday," on January 30, LACBC will host a ride, meeting at 8 a.m. at Hollywood/Western
Metro Red Line Station and will head downtown, to L.A. City Hall.  

choices and transportation alternatives are a popular means of reducing
our carbon footprint, reducing air pollution, staying healthy and saving
money.  Choosing to commute by bicycle, even on occasion, can have
immediate positive results on our health and on the environment.


Streetfilms Praises Orange Line BRT and Bike Path

While in town last month, Streetfilms took its second look at Los Angeles’ Orange Line as a model for BRT’s around the country.  In his summary of the above Streetfilm, Clarence Eckerson doesn’t hold back his praise for the Orange Line calling it "one of the best Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in the U.S" […]

Riding Car-Free with LACBC

The Los Angeles County Bike Coalition’s newest campaign, Car-Free Fridays, launched this morning at 8:00 A.M. at the Hollywood and Western Red Line Station.  After interviews with the press and a short wait for stragglers, City Council President Eric Garcetti and the Bike Coalition led a group of sixty cyclists to city hall to show […]

Looking at Bike Progress in L.A., from the View of a Journalist

(Angelika Sjostrom is a senior at California State University Northridge where she studies journalism. A recreational bike rider, doing research for the story has inspired a budding interest in cycling culture. Angelika resides in LA’s historic Angelino Heights.  This is her first contribution to Streetsblog.  Any opinions found within are that of the author. – […]