Expo Phase II Environmental Documents Now Online


At long last, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Phase II of the Expo Line is now online and even though I got the announcement in my inbox just under two hours ago, I have yet to get any emails from proponents or opponents of the line commenting on it.  I’m going to wade into reading the document tonight when I get home from City Hall, but if anyone wants to get their shots in early, here’s your chance.

You can find the Draft Environmental Impact Statement here and the notice of availibility here.

One group I have heard from already is a group of bike advocates who note that the proposed bike trail that would run parallel to the line, think of the Orange Line Bike Path for the Westside, is included in the plan.

In Appendix E, Plans and Profiles, the bike path is included in the drawings.

The alternatives chapter (Chapter 2, Page 35) also mentions the bike path:

Bicycle Facilities

Stations will include bicycle racks and lockers in accordance with Metro Design Criteria.
Additionally, a parallel bicycle facility (bike path, on street bike lane, or on street bike route) is
being planned by others. To the extent possible, this facility has been considered in the
development of the LRT Alternatives.

Image: Friends For Expo

  • The bike path is a superb idea! Props to Metro for including this into the design of the EXPO. This should be a common design element for many of the future light rail projects…should help out Metro in the long run by boosting ridership.

  • Bike Path = good. Living in the valley, the bike path along the orange line adds a whole element of quick weekend recreation to the area, especially for occasional or novice cyclists who are intimidated by biking on streets without bike lanes (which there are plenty of in the valley). My wife and I will load up our small (13 lb) dog in a dog bike carrier, bike the 2 miles to the orange line bike path, and then complete the leisurely bike ride to the dog park on Victory. It wouldn’t be nearly as relaxing or enjoyable if we had to cycle on streets the whole time.

    Bike paths should be added to sections of the blue line (sometimes it is elevated, so I guess that wouldn’t work for the whole line) and the gold line.

  • Very interesting project. I would love to be able to bike downtown.


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