No Bail Reduction for Hip-Hop Artist Who Ran Down Ped. Activist

A judge rejected a request for lower bail in the case of Swedish Rapper David Moses Jassy, a Swedish rapper who beat, ran over and killed a pedestrian activist after the activist hit his SUV with his hands according to the police.  Thus far, Jassy hasn’t denied killing pianist John Osnes during the altercation last November, but sought lower bail because Osnes played a far more aggressive role in the fight than prosecutors have said.

Apparently, just because someone "played an aggressive role" in an altercation isn’t reason enough to punch them in the face knocking them over, kicking them in the head while he searches for his glasses, then running him over as he lays on the street.

A preliminary hearing is set for February 9.


Wannabe Rapper Beats, Runs Over, Kills Pedestrian Advocate

Pianist and car-free advocate John Osnes left his favorite bar in Hollywood one night in mid-November.  He waived to the bartender and promised he would be back the next day.  However, instead he was savagely beaten and quite probably intentionally run over by a wanna-be Swedish rapper named David Moses Jassy, who is probably still […]