Crosswalks As Memorials in Portugal

Hat tip to alert reader Jessica Meaney.

A video by Portugal’s "Interactive Ninja" demonstrates a unique approach to crosswalk design.  In this video. some local activists use some spray paint and stencils to add the names of those pedestrians killed in crashes with cars.  The purpose is to both memorialize those who have fallen and to educate both pedestrians and drivers to be more aware of their surroundings.

As the city struggles to figure out the best response to the DASH crash that killed Gwendolyn Coleman, perhaps a more permanent memorial, such as the one in this video, is called for.



Blaming Pedestrians While Absolving the Streets That Kill Them

It didn’t take long for Louisville to notch its first pedestrian death of the year. Brian O’Neal, 46, was killed on the sixth day of 2016 while trying to cross Dixie Highway. The fact that Dixie Highway was the site of this fatality shouldn’t have surprised anyone who’s paying attention to pedestrian safety in Louisville. The city’s first pedestrian injury also happened on Dixie […]