How Do You Commute?

H/t to Mattapoisett in LA.

Television station KCET is looking for people to shoot videoes or photoes of their commutes for an online series they’re doing for their "SoCal Connected" series.  Initially they gave cameras to five commuters, including a cyclist, a pedestrian and a transit user; but if they’re looking for people to tell them about their commutes, let’s make sure they know that the alternative transportation community is alive and well in Southern California. 

Here are the directions on getting involved from the KCET website.  Ignore that part about next week, I was late putting this up so we have two days to get our stories submitted.

We’d like to add your photos and video of your commutes to our map next week. Here are two ways to contribute:

Shoot and upload a video to YouTube. Once your video is up, tag it with "KCETCOMMUTE" and send us a message at our Youtube account KCETOnline.

Shoot and upload a photograph to the SoCal Connected Flickr Group. No need for special tagging or messaging, just join our group and it to the pool!

  • Hey, thanks for the link! And please do send us those videos and photos!


    Gary Dauphin

  • This is such an excellent project. Gotta love KCET.

    Thanks for the tip-off Damien!

  • I was always bummed when I would miss California Connected. I am glad that KCET is putting stuff online.

    It is remarkable the distances people travel for work in L.A. I also like how all of this is service work. I wonder what sort of old school jobs (i.e. making things) there are in LA that we could follow.

  • I just watched the video – I love it. It is great to be putting real faces behind the word commuters. So often it seems the human element is really overlooked in all the transportation planning and work (gigantic super smart reports with no reference to regular ole people – the users of the system) – it’s great to get to see some faces and hear their perspective. Makes me want to motivate and submit my commute story.

    Yah, definitely way to go kcet.

  • Hey all,

    The first iteration of our map is up here:,-118.126597&spn=0.308399,0.682286&msid=110342790333563410655.0004605287de96471d08e&source=embed

    We’d love to get more submissions! Instructions on how to participate are here:

    Some folks have asked how to add their route to the map. Send us a link to a google map with your route along with your video or photos and we will add it to the map. Keep in mind that we are looking for images, so we won’t be able to map a route without some flickr or youtube action.)

    Many thanks for all the positive feedback? Did any of you guys submit items? We can tag them LAStreetsblog reader…

    Thanks for the video’s Will!

  • Fantastic!


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