Streetfilms: Introducing the Pedestrian Peek-a-Boo

What if I told you that there was an easy way to improve pedestrian safety at low cost to the city?  How about if I told you that this pedestrian improvement could also make space for streetscaping or bike parking?  You’d probably be ready to start the campaign to get them installed on Los Angeles’ streets, especially in high pedestrian areas where LADOT is pushing to increase speed limits.

The geniuses at Streetfilms strike again, giving us an example of how you can radically change the way a street conforms to pedestrian needs at the low cost of a parking space and some concrete.  The video shows how removing the automobile parking spaces closest to intersections, the sightline of drivers and pedestrians is dramatically increased and it creates space for other amenities.

And hear is even better news!  The DOT is actively making these changes throughout the city.  What?  That’s NYCDOT?  Bummer.

Last, for anyone that gets to the end of a film and has the right idea, the naming contest is open to people in Los Angeles.

  • KateNonymous

    I’m not really crazy about “Pedestrian Peek-a-boo;” it’s a little too cutesy for my taste. However, right now I’m not coming up with anything better, so I’d love to see other people’s suggestions!

  • How about Ped-O-Files since they file away parking spots for pedestrians.

  • Okay, here are a few random ideas:

    Line of sight crosswalk
    Intersection ventilation or Intersection vent(s) (since the cars are choking it)
    Crosswalk visibility release point
    Visibility gate
    Curb pop-outs
    Crosswalk vent
    Corner bump
    Turning bump out
    Crosswalk bumper

    And that is all I got.

  • I like sightlining! What about something along the lines of stepping up to the line

  • I’m going for E.S.P., Enhanced Sightline for Pedestrians. It may sound clunky, but engineers love acronyms, and there’s a certain beauty to calling a new project an “ESP Project.”

  • Wow, this video has turned out some real nice suggestions! Keep them coming. I am glad I don’t have to actually judge….

  • Okay how about:

    Corner girdle
    Pedestrian hourglass
    Butterfly intersection
    Safety curbs
    Sidewalk pops (poppers? popping?)
    Enhanced car queue point

    … and I’m out.


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