Countdown to Bike Summit: Less Than Two Months…


Anticipation for the first Los Angeles Bike Summit, a gathering of cyclists, activists and organizations to create a common agenda for cycling in Los Angeles scheduled for March 7, is growing.  With announcements of new speakers coming from around the country, and the launch of a new website the summit is starting to come together in a visible and exciting way.

If you would like to be part of the summit by making a presentation to the hundreds of cyclists that will be present, the time to submit is now?  The application, available here, was originally due later today but summit organizer Joe Linton told me that if someone needs until early next week to finish their proposal, that’s ok too.  If you’re not sure what a workshop for the Summit would look like, their webpage provides some examples of ones that are already confirmed:

Workshop Title: Bicycles and the Southern California College/University
Presenter(s) and Contact Info: Ramon Martinez of the Green Bike Program at Pitzer College.
Short Summary: The
goal of the workshop is to promote bike ridership on campuses, connect
student activists to professional activists, and cultivate lifelong
bicycle advocacy and jobs. The workshop will address the role of campus
programs in moving forward the larger Southern California bike movement.

Workshop Title: Overcoming the Barriers of Bicycling through Social Networking
Presenter(s) and Contact Info: Ron Milam of Bikesage
Short Summary: How
does someone decide to start bicycling in LA? While many people have
started bicycling in Los Angeles, the majority of people still do not
ride on a regular basis. This panel explores innovative, peer-to-peer
strategies for encouraging people to start riding a bicycle. The
workshop will present the initial results of the BikeSage concept,
areas in which it has been successful, as well as areas in which
challenges remain. After an initial presentation, the format will open
up into a facilitated discussion.


Bike Summit Now a Four-Day Affair

(editor’s note: I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that in order to both cover and participate in all of the Bike Summit events over the next four days, posting may end up being somewhat less regular than you’ve grown used to.  Rest assured, this is temporary, and we’ll be back to normal […]

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