Today’s Headlines

  • Downtown DASH Crash a Big Story Online (Blogdowntown, LA Now, LAist)
  • Metro Board Postpones Vote on Long Range Plan AGAIN…Let’s Wait for Stimulus (LA Now)
  • Meter Maid Blocks Turn Lane During Rush Hour for Shopping Trip (Bus Bench)
  • Goodybe Gift to Former Speaker Nunez from Assembly: a $5100 Bike (Politiker)
  • Poll: 81 Percent of Americans Willing to Pay Higher Taxes for Better Infrastructure (News)
  • DC Group Will Provide Bike Valet Parking for Inauguration (City Paper)
  • An Open Letter to the Prez-Elect: Invest in Sidewalks (Portland Transport via
  • Los Angeles Receives Economic Boost from Social Bike Rides (PPOL News)
  • Ride Share Comes to Rural Pennsylvania (Reading Eagle)