Tell the Mayor That You Want Better Transportation

Mayor Villaraigosa wants to hear from you!

The Mayor’s Office just released their annual survey to help them create their budget priorities for the next fiscal year, giving all transportation activists another chance to let our elected leaders know how we feel.  Of particular interest to Streetsbloggers, the last one-third of the survey has to do with transportation including questions about the importance of bike lanes and pedestrian safety projects in improving transportation flow.  I just filled out the survey myself, and the transportation questions are at the back.  So, once you’re done writing a letter to your Congressman,  take another moment to tell the Mayor how you feel.

  • This is the more reasonable way to advocate for improvements to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. During the campaign for Measure R, I heard over and over how “short-sighted” Metro was in not including a list of bike projects, when the reality is that those projects are so relatively low cost — and are very localized in nature — that Metro leaves them up to the cities to plan and implement, using the “local return” sales tax funds.

    As long as people use this survey to address MAYOR Villaraigosa and not think they are addressing METRO BOARD CHAIR Villaraigosa, this is a good avenue to follow.

  • I cannot think of a true “in” with the mayor’s office. I don’t know how well this type of effort will work, but I’ll send in my letter/email/phone call with all the rest I suppose.

    I admit that I focused on the wrong people in L.A. to get bike-friendly law and policy implemented. We don’t really need that much done legislatively in Los Angeles if we can get a mayor who can get a few department heads to pay attention to us.

    What is our leverage on the mayor? He’s got money, he’s got a policital network in place. His “Tiger Team” to fight traffic puts him totally at odds with our goals as livable streets advocates.

    Anyone got anything?

  • Jerard

    He’s up for re-election and has higher political ambitions.

  • i echo your sentiments brayj. not sure where our leverage is.

  • My view? Fill out the form, and get as many people as we can to fill out the form. If the numbers look good for bike/ped projects it can only help.

    I think we need a full court press to really make ground on bike/ped with this administration, and when he asks us for our opinion, such as he did here, we need to give it to him.

    I also look forward to the Bike Summit when I think as a community we’ll come up with some better plans/strategies.


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