Happy Holidays and See You Soon

Dear Streetsbloggers,

First off, Happy Holidays to you and yours.  I appreciate it everytime you decide to type in la.streetsblog.org  or link to one of our stories from another website.  The success this blog has had, both in its growth and impact on policy, is due to all of you and your support.

As we head into the end of the year, I wanted to let you all know what to expect in the next two weeks before Streetsblog ramps back up to provide daily coverage of all things related to the Livable Streets movement in Los Angeles and beyond.

Next week, LA Streetsblog will publish on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Since I’ll be staying with in-laws on the Jersey shore with limited Internet access so we’ll be publishing interesting interviews with people you know, and maybe some you don’t, to continue to provide you with the high-quality content you expect.  There won’t be any "Today’s Headlines" posts.  If you’re looking for a news fix, I reccomend the excellent Metro Library.

Traditionally, NYC Streetsblog takes off between Christmas and New Years, but I’ll be back briefly on December 29th to publish LA Streetsblog’s First Annual Year End Reward, The Streetsies.  Besides that, I’ll see you all on January 5th.

Stay Warm, Be Safe, and Be Happy,


P.S. – I’m going to be doing a massive update of the bar on the right before the New Year to fix old links, purge links to dead blogs, and add new ones.  If Streetsblog isn’t linked to you and you want it to be, please drop me a line at damien@streetsblog.org.

  • Happy holidays and safe journeys to LA’s Streetsblog crew. Thanks for your good, hard work this past year!

  • what box said.

    no really – you’ve been a great addition to the movement out here and your blog is a refuge of sanity in an otherwise lunacy-laden city.

  • Streetsblog is very welcome addition to the movements for saner, green transportation in Los Angeles. In a very short time, your blog has come to be invaluable in keeping up with these issues. It’s an important resource for old hacks like me, and up-and-coming activists. The comments are great for convening an multi-way dialog on these issues.

    When Jessica Hall and I were creating the LA Creek Freak blog, I showed her LA Streetsblog as an example of what I’d like for us to emulate.

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to having more good news to report in the coming year!


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