Holidays with the Sustainable Transportation Advocates

Will Campbell-Claus Delivers Toys at Midnight Then Ridazz in Training Collect Toys in Pasadena

Both C.I.C.L.E. and the Midnight Ridazz held and completed their respective charity toy rides this weekend.  On the Ridazz front, a few stolen bikes couldn’t stamp out the festivities as literally hundreds of toys were delivered to the Alliance for Children’s Rights to be distributed.  On C.I.C.L.E.’s front, bad weather before the ride may have held down attendance, but the fifty riders that rode through Pasadena did so with high cheer.  Hundreds more toys were gathered for Hathaway-Sycamores Family Services.

If you missed the ride this weekend for any reason, and you’re looking to both advance alternative transportation and promote local charity; allow me to suggest Transit People.  Entering its tenth year, Transit People has taken over 23,000 students on different field trips around the city.  The all-volunteer organization doesn’t just take deserving children to great L.A. places such as The Natural History Museum or the Long Beach Aquarium, but by using transit encourages young people to explore a transit oriented lifestyle.  Like every non-profit Transit People is going to need some extra help over the next couple of years.  If this sounds like a group you want to be part of, you can donate online here.

Photo: Ingrid Peterson and Damien Newton


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Mandeville Canyon Road Rage Doctor Trial Set for 9/17

Dr. Thompson’s rear windshield, post-"accident." Thanks to DJ Wheels via Twitter and Midnight Ridazz. Earlier this morning the trial was set for People vs Christopher Thompson, the "Road Rage Doctor" who caused a crash with two cyclists over Fourth of July weekend in 2008 in Mandeville Canyon.  The case against Thompson will begin on September […]

Don Ward: Advocate of the Year Acceptance Speech

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