Breaking News: Road Rage Doc’s Trial Moves Forward

For those of you following the saga of Dr. Christopher Thompson, the driver in the July 4th Road Rage crash that left two cyclists in the hospital, his case is moving forward.  Thompson’s case gained national attention because of the brutal images of the crash that were captured, and the appalling lack of concern showed by some residents of the canyon.

Dr. Thompson will be arraigned for more serious charges this January at the Airport Branch Courthouse after a judge in a preliminary hearing
today concluded there was a enough evidence to continue forward.  Currently, Thomspon is being charged with "felony assault with a deadly weapon."

I don’t have more details at the moment, but as they come in we’ll continue updating the story.

  • So, is this an angry-mob-friendly courthouse or not?

    Bring a U-lock brothas and sistas!

    All kidding aside, I hope that this guy is punished for what he did (and tried to do).

  • Wow!!

    Finally a charge that actually fits the crime.

  • I’m glad this is moving forward, but I’ll be shocked if this case actually goes to trial. I have every expectation that the good doctor will plead out and walk away with probation. I only hope the D.A. proves me wrong.

    Ubrayj, I’m old school; I prefer pitchforks and torches. Since there aren’t many farms around here, maybe we can hit Home Depot on the way to the courthouse.

  • Damien,

    I wrote an update and posted a short video shot by User1 of Dr. Thompson almost getting away from the press.

  • This story was written on December 12, 2008, in the LA Times:,0,147065.story

    According to the LAT, Christopher Thompson will be arraigned on January 15th.


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