Today’s Headlines

  • No Drugs or Alcohol in Chatsworth Train Engineer’s Blood (Times)
  • Obama Stimulus Package Starting to Take Shape (NYT)
  • First Two Measure R Projects on the Way (LA Visions)
  • Metro Blowing It When It Comes to TOD (Soap Box LA)
  • LA’s Billboard Policy Is Pretty Bad, But Enforcement is Worse (CityWatch)
  • UAW Offers Concessions to Keep Big Three Afloat (NYT)
  • Carmakers Promise Congress They’ll Boost Fuel Efficiency (Grist, City Fix)
  • Americans Want More Transit-Oriented Places to Live (GGW via
  • Anti-Transit Forces Are in Retreat (Overhead Wire)
  • 7-Year Old Injured in Hit and Run (Times)
  • Homeless Man Killed by Hit and Run on PCH (LAist)
  • johnny

    This is off topic, but maybe Streetsblog could devote some coverage to Obama’s potential picks for transportation secretary. I dug up a Washington Post article on a few of the front runners for the position – its difficult to say which one will be best although they all look better than the current secretary, Mary Peters. Of the people listed in the article, it looks as if Mortimer Downey would probably be the best as far as developing rail, liveable streets, etc. as he was the executive director of the NY MTA. Hopefully he will be receptive of expanding transit and bike options in cities many consider to be “car centric” as well.