Update: City Charges Jassy with Murder in Assault of Pianist

Yesterday, the City of Los Angeles announced that Swedish Rapper David Jassy would be charged with murder in addition to the previous charges of assault and leaving the scene of an "accident."   For those of you that missed the story earlier in the week, here is a brief recap of the assault as reported in  the Times :

According to authorities, Osnes, who did not own a car and was a
stickler for pedestrian rights, was crossing a street near his
residence when Jassy’s rented SUV drifted into the crosswalk. After
Osnes struck the front of the vehicle with his hands, Jassy allegedly
got out, punched Osnes, kicked him in the head when he stooped to
recover his glasses and then ran over him with the vehicle. Bystanders,
including an off-duty Anaheim police officer, witnessed the assault and
tried unsuccessfully to detain Jassy, according to authorities.

Osnes was pronounced dead at a hospital, and Jassy was arrested Monday
after investigators traced the license of his rented vehicle.

Jassy is do to be arraigned later today.  Swedish news services are also covering the crash and follow-up. For a look at their coverage click here.


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