Today’s Headlines

  • Big Three Are Back in DC, Asking for Help and Promising to Restructure (NPR, NYT)
  • Regulators Who Denied Climate Change Science Helped Make Detroit Less Competitive (Grist)
  • Metrolink Crash Update: Maybe It Was the Red Light’s Fault (LA Now)
  • Cop Charged for Assaulting Pedestrian in Fit of Road Rage on Queens Boulevard (NYT)
  • Biden Talks Up Rail Investment at Governors’ Meeting (Yglesias)
  • Greuel Wants All Businesses to Offer Transit Passes (LA Now)
  • Hawaii Moves to Implement Electric Car Network (NYT)
  • Can a Wal-Mart Be Reclaimed By Going Mixed-Use? (Where via
  • Bye-Bye Bottleneck Blog