Today’s Headlines

  • Big Three Are Back in DC, Asking for Help and Promising to Restructure (NPR, NYT)
  • Regulators Who Denied Climate Change Science Helped Make Detroit Less Competitive (Grist)
  • Metrolink Crash Update: Maybe It Was the Red Light’s Fault (LA Now)
  • Cop Charged for Assaulting Pedestrian in Fit of Road Rage on Queens Boulevard (NYT)
  • Biden Talks Up Rail Investment at Governors’ Meeting (Yglesias)
  • Greuel Wants All Businesses to Offer Transit Passes (LA Now)
  • Hawaii Moves to Implement Electric Car Network (NYT)
  • Can a Wal-Mart Be Reclaimed By Going Mixed-Use? (Where via
  • Bye-Bye Bottleneck Blog
  • It’s sad about the Bottleneck Blog. Steve did a great job reviving it.

    It’s a real shame. With the passage of 1a and R, the Los Angeles Times needs a transportation blog now more than ever.

    L.A. Now just isn’t a good fit.

    However, I posted a note on the comments section of the blog encouraging people who care about transit to come here and to

  • If folks want to see me write more transit stories, I need some help. I can grab story ideas off bike blogs, Midnight Ridazz and a lot of resources. The network isn’t as good at kicking up transit stories. So, just send me ideas at the tips link on the site or email me at Believe me, coming up with two unique stories a day isn’t easy, and I’d love a stronger flow of transit stories than those I’ve cultivated on my own.