Sign of the Times: Unsold Cars Piling up at Port of Long Beach

Unwanted Cars Gather Together to Commiserate

While the Big Three continue to insist that the proposed $25 billion bailout should be thought of as a "bridge loan," the Daily Breeze paints a much different picture.  Americans’ unwillingness or inability to buy new cars is effecting more than just domestic car makers.

The nation’s deepening economic
crisis is causing a backlog of imported cars in the nation’s largest
seaport, providing a vivid glimpse of the economic malaise plaguing

Scrambling for open space to store vehicles Americans
haven’t been buying, carmakers Nissan, Toyota and Mercedes have signed
deals to lease open space at the Port of Long Beach, where trade
volumes this year are experiencing their deepest decline in two

Image: Daily Breeze

  • LULZ

  • The sad reality is that I think things will get worse before they get better. We see the cars backing up in Long Beach, products stacking up in wharehouses, banks not lending money, etc. The “change” promised by the new president will be welcome.

  • Barack’s promise to keep suburbia running on used french fry oil and fairy dust is bound to fail.

    I went to a bunch of hearings about pollution at the ports a few years ago, and having to listen to Walmart’s lobbyist describe how her client’s volume of goods would grow at a steady 10% every year, indefinitely.


    To those who profited by selling out American workers, by pretending that “the world is flat” because of low energy costs – good luck selling goods to non-existent people in vacant cul de sacs on the outskirts of civilization.

    It is going to “get a lot worse” because 99% of the American people are stuck in a 1920’s fantasy of country living for everybody. We’re going to fritter away what little wealth and good credit we have left propping up a living situation that has no future.

    p.s. I love James Howard Kunstler.

  • This is “change?” come on. I would have thought more would have been done by now. Seems to me we have some loafers in Washington.


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