In 1902 Southern California was a collection of small farm towns. It was
waiting for something to pull it together. That something was The Pacific
Electric. This Was Pacific Electric is the story of the rise and fall of the
"The World’s Greatest Electric Railway." It is a complete history
starting in 1872 with L.A.’s first horse car line and continuing through the
last Red Car in 1961. The story is told using rare film footage, hundred of
photographs, animated maps and extensive interviews. In fact, the PE Red Cars
operated along Glendale Boulevard right outside of this facility and today,
LARHF has installed a mini-museum open to the public in the Belmont Station
Apartments located at the south end of Glendale Blvd. where the PE tracks used
to disappear into a subway tunnel leading to the Subway Terminal Building on
Hill and 4th Streets. Presented by the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage


Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline:  At Rail~Volution yesterday, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) — also known as the godfather of the “rail~volution” — said even he wouldn’t raise the gas tax right now. “We should make some adjustments to a gas tax that hasn’t increased since 1993,” Blumenauer said. “Half the people think the gas tax goes up every year.”  Read the rest of […]

Today’s Headlines

The Long Tortured Story Of Bringing Rail Back To L.A. (LAT) Jefferson Blvd And Other So. Cal Projects Announced For State ATP Funding (Biking in L.A.) …Safe Routes To School Provides Overview Of Statewide ATP Breakdown Car-Train Crash Causes Expo Delays (The Source) Dead Woman Found By Expo Line, Possibly Hit By Train (LAT) How […]

Today’s Headlines

Cell Phone Law Hasn’t Impacted Street Safety (Times) Mayor Heading to D.C. to Lobby for Subway Funding (Daily News) Environmental Justice for Sale: NFL Stadium Developer Gave Half a Million to State Political Campaigns (Times) L.A.Considering 500 More Layoffs (Times) Neighborhood Councils Vow to Fight Budget Cuts (City Watch) The Source Has Four Stories on […]

Did Metro Build a Perpetual Motion Machine?

Even if you’ve never seen “The Seven Year Itch,” you probably know the bit where Marilyn Monroe’s skirt is blown by a subway train. Her skirt lifts because subway trains generate wind–lots of wind. Metro has a “Sustainable Rail Plan” under which its staff looks for ways to reduce power consumption. Cris Liban is Deputy Executive Officer for Environmental […]

From Russia, with Transit Love

View of a departing Moscow subway train. All Photos: Alexander Friedman I just returned from a trip to Moscow and noticed an interesting trend. Despite the economic slowdown, which Russia is also certainly experiencing, their public transportation is not only as efficient as it’s always been, but – it keeps getting better and better.  Unlike […]