Today’s Headlines

  • Measure R’s Lead Growing (Bottleneck Blog)
  • SF City Council Moves Ahead with Congestion Parking (Chronicle)
  • LA Struggles to Count Change from More Expensive Meters (blogdowntown)
  • Blow-by-Blow of Yesterday’s Carmaker Hearings on Capitol Hill (NYT)
  • Lesson from Britain: Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad Car Companies (NYT)
  • Lots More Advice on What to Do About Detroit (Free Press, HuffPo, NYT)
  • Transit Leaders Head to D.C., Hat in Hand (APTA)
  • Boxer Says Next Trans. Funding Bill To Consider Air Quality (Land Line)
  • Supes Honor Former Board Chair O’Connor for Making Region Greener (Lookout)
  • That’s great news about Measure R.

    It’s also good to note that on election day the Seattle metro region approved expansion of their light rail system and Honolulu approved creation of one.

    Can Seattle Streetsblog and Honolulu Streetsblog be far behind? :)